Trent SteppOne of our electric transmission and power distribution leaders is helping develop an expedited path for future specialists at an Ohio public technical college, exemplifying what it means to Expect A Difference from Salas O’Brien team members.

Trent Stepp was nominated and selected to serve on the Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) Advisory Committee for Electric Transmission and Power Distribution because of his contributions to the industry. He is a vice president of operations on our Ohio team with more than 29 years in the power industry, 10 of which have been focused in the transmission and distribution field. By providing expertise and insights about the specialized engineering discipline, Trent is helping COTC ensure the curriculum for their new two-year degree in electric transmission and power distribution technology is aligned with industry needs.

The program offers an accelerated path to the high-demand, high-paying career field. If COTC achieves its goal of ABET accreditation for the degree, graduates will also be able to pursue Professional Engineer licensure, shaving two years off the traditional timeline. The curriculum will include hands-on training in electric and control systems that are utilized throughout the industrial and manufacturing sector, relying heavily on input from industry leaders like Trent about standards and expectations. As a member of the advisory committee, he will monitor the program’s effectiveness based on his real-life experience.

“My number one reason is to provide guidance and input that would be beneficial to the next generation of industry leaders, giving back to help shape the future,” Trent said about getting involved. 

Those who know Trent understand he has a busy schedule. It’s hard to imagine how he can fit events and committees onto his calendar.

“Honestly, if you are going to commit to be an industry leader, you have to carve time out to participate in industry events and programs,” he said. “This allows me to contribute but also is a great way to stay in tune with changes and progress in the industry.”

Plus, he said it will help ensure we have a strong pool of employee-owner candidates as they graduate from the program.

Although he says being a part of this committee aligns with his personal core values, it also fulfills each of our three Ownership Values — Expect Leadership, Expect Results, and Expect Relationships. By contributing meaningfully to our communities, creating opportunities to strengthen the firm, and doing his part to attract and retain outstanding employee-owners, Trent illustrates what it means to be on Team Salas O’Brien. Click here to read more about COTC’s Electric Transmission and Power Distribution Technology Degree. Or you can visit our website to see our transmission and distribution experience and learn more about joining our team.