Hank Jackson, our national director of commissioning training, has held the distinction of being an American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Distinguished Lecturer for more than 11 years with a list of seven topics he presents for the organization.

Claiming the title of ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer is an honor shared by only a few. At any given time, there are about 70 ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers out of the 57,000 ASHRAE members worldwide.

Becoming a Distinguished Lecturer starts with a nomination that requires at least two sponsors to sign off on the nominee’s presentation skills. The nominee must also submit written abstracts of their proposed presentations, agree to serve a two-year term, and to provide at least two presentations a year.

Hank’s expertise in commissioning and energy efficiency in commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings gave him an advantage in the selection process. ASHRAE requires its Distinguished Lecturers to present on current and emerging issues of technical and societal importance. His experiences lend to his presentations on topics like energy efficiency, transport energy, geothermal heat pump systems, and critical-environment commissioning. He said his most requested presentation is on overcoming building owners’ objections to investments in energy efficiency. 

Another advantage he had in earning the distinction was his 40+ years of experience in technical training and consulting, which allows him to connect with a mixed audience of technical and non-technical people. Based on the feedback he’s received about his ability to engage an audience, his strategy works.

Hank says he likes being involved in the program because of the travel. He’s had the opportunity to travel to Alaska and Canada on several occasions and to many of the Lower 48 states. The trip he appreciates the most was to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to conduct an introductory presentation on ground source heat pumps.

Aside from the travel, being a Distinguished Lecturer also keeps Hank connected to a community that helps him stay on the cutting edge of trends and issues related to the built environment.

“Hank is exactly the kind of industry leader we’re proud to have on the team,” CEO Darin Anderson said. “The passion he brings to work every day and the training and leadership development he encourages is precisely what our ownership values are all about.”

For more information about the ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer program, visit their site.