We know you are probably receiving many messages regarding the serious threat of COVID-19 and how various organizations are responding. As a proactive step, we want to communicate and assure you that we are working, we are prepared, and we are taking the risk seriously.

Although Salas O’Brien has no known cases of COVID-19 on our team, we are reminding everyone to be cautious and follow CDC and local health guidelines while continuing to serve clients. Above all else, we are committed to taking care of the Salas O’Brien team and their families.

Here are the ways we are responding to this rapidly evolving situation:

  • Using Technology: As a growing organization with 31 offices nationwide and 775 team members, we are accustomed to collaborating through digital tools. All our critical business systems are available through a variety of means, and we are encouraging all meetings to take place remotely. As always, we are still available, 24/7, to meet your needs.
  • Deferring Travel: We are still available for travel only to meet essential client needs. We are encouraging team members to defer travel via airplanes. We know that many of our clients have taken similar steps. We are fortunate to have a national network of experts who can be local with short notice to meet pressing deadlines, particularly those in construction.
  • Flexible Work Plans in Place: We have flexible work plans in place for our team members to be productive and work from home as needed to support our client needs in alignment with local and federal recommendations.

We are obviously concerned about this impact to our team and clients as well as our citizens. We will remain safe and vigilant and will continue to support our clients’ needs through this challenging time.

Please reach out to our team if you have additional concerns or need more information.