Coca Cola Disney SpringsIn between visits with Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, Disney World guests can shop, dine, and find evening entertainment at Disney Springs, a themed promenade with four neighborhoods. Disney Springs houses more than 150 shops and dining experiences, including several notable flagship retail locations.

Guests expect the same kind of magic, excitement, and excellence from these locations as they do from Disney itself. Salas O’Brien helped design and engineer two of these locations.

The Coca-Cola Store

Located in Disney Springs’ Town Center, this three-story flagship retail store offers branded merchandise and memorabilia, interactive AV displays, a photo op with the polar bear, and a rooftop bar with drinks from around the world and a create-your-own-beverage experience.

As the shop was being designed and built, the project architect, Baker Barrios, invited Salas O’Brien’s Orlando team to bring our mechanical and electrical expertise to the project. Our team’s goal was to create a chilled environment in the store with the help of a roof-mounted, air-cooled chiller and chilled water air-handling unit. We also worked on the liquid nitrogen fog effect in the Polar Bear Interactive display to make sure it was as functional and dramatic as guests expected.

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

Coca Cola Disney SpringsAlso located in Disney Springs’ Town Center, the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is a two-story, 12,000-square-foot restaurant situated across from Planet Hollywood. The restaurant captures the essence of laid-back Californian dining made popular by Wolfgang Puck at Spago, his flagship restaurant in Los Angeles.

This location’s elegant, farmhouse-inspired building showcases a modern take on the classic bar and grill concept. Baker Barrios brought our Orlando team on board to assist with the new restaurant’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering and design.