RecruitingAt Salas O’Brien, we want every job candidate to have an outstanding application experience with us. We believe preparation is key, so we asked our Director of Recruiting Gavin Chafin to explain how applicants can best prepare themselves for this process and what they should expect from it.

Q: Gavin, where does your team normally find candidates?

A: In some cases, the candidates find Salas O’Brien through word of mouth and our reputation in the industry. Many of these candidates for specific jobs apply for an opportunity on our Careers page and LinkedIn, or through Indeed and Glassdoor. We use LinkedIn Recruiter to find a lot of our candidates as we have low applicant numbers for a lot of our specific positions. So, it’s on my team to go out and find people when we don’t have any applicants.

Q: What kind of education and experience are you looking for in a candidate?

A: Most employees have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but not all of our jobs require one. Most of our positions are technology-oriented, so we like to see technical aptitude and experience in the software you would be using in your new position.

Q: How should candidates prepare for their interviews?

A: Culture is everything here, so I recommend devouring the information on our website to learn about our company and decide if Salas O’Brien is the right fit for you first. I also recommend that applicants prepare some educated questions to bring to the interview. Our recruiters will be open and honest with you, so this is your chance to ask whatever’s on your mind about working with us.

Q: What makes a candidate stand out during this process?

A: At the beginning of this process, your top priority should be to get seen. We get thousands of applications, so after applying, follow up with me or someone on my team through LinkedIn or email to make sure we saw your application.

We’re always impressed when applicants arrive at their interviews and already know who Salas O’Brien is and what we do. We can tell they’ve taken the initiative and done their research. We also appreciate when they come prepared with questions for us.


If you’re interested in working with us, visit our careers page and check out our post about the application process to learn what to expect.