Leica-BLK360-Laser-Scanner-5-580x580It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Salas O’Brien team member: discovering and implementing technology that brings immediate value to our clients. It can be a game-changer for an entire project team.

The latest design tool added to Salas O’Brien’s repertoire is the Leica BLK 360, a revolutionary 3D laser scanning tool.

This tool and others like it transform the way our team performs as-built or reality capture service—site surveys that collect building measurements which can be used for drawings and leveraged to create 3D models.

Benefits of As-Built Capture and 3D Modeling

As-built capture is the use of scanning technology to document what was actually built in the field. The use of this technology ensures better design visibility, which in turn increases design accuracy and reduces RFIs and change orders during construction. When multiple scans are captured and stitched together, designers can use software like Autodesk Revit or AutoCAD Plant3D to create comprehensive 3D space models.

3D modeling brings all the data together in one place, and with cloud-sharing, designers and clients can benefit from cohesive information sharing, instant feedback, project coordination, and as-built documentation. The technology enhances collaboration and provides consistent and comprehensive deliverables that yield an unparalleled level of clarity. In addition to increasing efficiency, 3D environments enhance the client review experience and have resulted in higher-quality client reviews and increased design satisfaction.

Point-Cloud Scanning

Tools like the Leica BLK 360 are revolutionizing the as-built capture process, making data collection for 3D modeling and cloud collaboration more accessible than ever. These scanners are fast—twice the speed of traditional hand measuring methods—and extremely accurate. Because of the precision of these devices, structures that would normally require a full survey crew to measure accurately can be captured by one person—significantly increasing cost-effectiveness for our clients.

3D laser scanning can be used to capture anything from a kiosk in a grocery store to a massive manufacturing facility. The device uses point-cloud technology to capture greater design detail than ever before, resulting in more accurate construction bids. It easily measures hard to reach zones like high ceilings, mechanical duct work and piping, and elevators, thus alleviating the need for ladders and tape measures. You don’t have to be able to touch to measure; if you can see it, it’ll be captured. Point-cloud technology also delivers accurate scanning in heavily congested areas, and it can capture conditions prior to concealment: foundation pouring, buried conduit, phasing of a building, before and after conditions, and even parking lots complete with striping.

Point-cloud 3D scanning is empowering our team to provide better, faster, and more efficient services than ever, while also making 3D modeling for as-built even more affordable and effective. We’d love to talk more about how this technology can make a difference for your next project’s unique needs.