ChristusWhen lives are on the line, flawless reliability and efficiency aren’t luxury—they’re necessity. Salas O’Brien’s outstanding track record in healthcare, our commitment to excellence, and our passion for the community made us the ideal engineering partner to complete renovations in one of Southeast Texas’ premier neonatal intensive care units (NICU) at St. Elizabeth Hospital.

St. Elizabeth’s neonatal transport team, donor milk program, and dedicated pediatric therapists, consultants, and surgeons are just a few of the factors that single out its NICU. When the hospital campaigned for renovations to the unit, the community responded by donating more than $1 million. That’s when Salas O’Brien stepped in with the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering expertise to make the plan a reality.

ChristusSome of the unique features of the project include specialized lighting and noise reduction in the ceilings and floors, a 3100A high frequency oscillatory ventilator (decreasing the chance of lung damage in children undergoing respiratory treatment), and updates to the nurse call station responsible for monitoring the newborns. But while the renovation introduced state-of-the-art equipment and improved operating efficiency, it also went a step further to improve the patient and family caregiver experience. The finished unit has a significantly larger footprint, allowing families to be more involved in patient care and treatment. It also includes three new private family rooms and a “rooming-in” room where parents of long-term patients can do a “trial run” of independent care before leaving the hospital.

Christus Health takes pride in their commitment to patient experience, and it has earned them multiple awards from the nationally recognized Press Ganey Associates. Salas O’Brien’s work on this project reinforces the system’s reputation for excellence and will support their investment in the community for years to come.