Varo and Salas O’Brien have more than 100 years of combined experience serving clients in a variety of markets, with each firm bringing strengths in new industries to the table. More than ever before, we almost certainly have specific expertise in the area that you need.

Here’s a quick summary of what we can now do as a joint team.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapBulk Material Handling & Production

Through decades of experience handling a broad range of commodities, whether on a greenfield or brownfield facility, our team has proven success in providing innovative and efficient bulk material handling systems.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapChemical Process

Whether we’re increasing the efficiency of existing processes, developing and implementing innovative solutions to address operational issues, or designing and implementing new processes, we have the skills and experience to deliver results.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapCommercial & Corporate

Our highly specialized team delivers high-impact, innovative solutions that increase the reliability and performance of systems, create a welcoming environment, and efficiently utilize building space and energy.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapData Centers & Telecommunications

We help clients in competitive industries maintain reliable, sustainable buildings and systems that will keep organizations their critical facilities running smoothly through renovations, conversions, additions, and new construction.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapEducation

Excellent design in K-12 and higher education is one of the best ways to invest in both current students and a school’s future. Our experienced engineers help you keep that end in mind as you plan buildings and systems that will age sustainably and wow the next generation of prospective students.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapGovernment

Our professionals have decades of experience delivering innovative solutions to all levels of government, from constructing administrative offices, commissioning a state-of-the-art detention facility, to renovating a historic courthouse.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapHealthcare

Whether your facility accommodates long-term care or emergency response, excellent design is essential to keeping operations running smoothly. Healthcare professionals invest in lives every day, and we believe they deserve buildings and systems that are dependable and efficient.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapLaboratory

Our laboratory portfolio includes design and commissioning of research facilities operated by higher education, the government, and private clients. Our experience with several biosafety (BSL) levels means that research can be conducted safely for the public good.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapManufacturing

We have significant experience across a diverse set of industries to provide multidiscipline solutions for manufacturing projects, with an emphasis on process development and integration of new equipment with existing plant processes.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapPower Transmission & Distribution

Our ability to deliver high-quality solutions for power-related issues is defined by our extensive experience in the utility sector. From high-voltage substation design, to generation plant distribution system designs, to municipal distribution system analyses and designs; our experience includes aerial, underground, and low- and medium-voltage systems.

Varo-Salas O'Brien mapRetail & Hospitality

Our inviting, versatile, and efficient retail & hospitality solutions have stood the test of time in an industry experiencing constant change. Our team offers experience in a variety of retail & hospitality environments, such as community and town centers, hotels, grocery stores, malls, outdoor event venues, and restaurants.