To Salas O’Brien clients, the word “commissioning” means energy savings, lowered operating costs, and optimal environments—but a lot goes on behind the scenes to achieve these amazing results.  The field is constantly evolving, so having a trustworthy, communicative expert by your side through the process will make all the difference.

What’s Involved?Intergate

Commissioning can be summarized as a process of review, testing, and documentation that ensures a building and its systems perform up to established objectives. An increasing number of states require building commissioning, and even where not required, it is widely regarded as a best practice with considerable benefits.

There are multiple types of commissioning, and their usage varies based on the project owner’s timeline and objectives.

  • Fundamental Commissioning happens on the ground level during a project’s construction stage, and it primarily involves systems testing and analysis.
  • Retro-commissioning happens later in a facility’s life-cycle, and it can translate into massive savings and optimization for older buildings.
  • Enhanced Commissioning is a more thorough, comprehensive process that spans from the design stage to after a facility’s completion. In an enhanced commissioning project, agents do more than test parameters—they’re actually involved in determining which parameters will best help owner’s achieve their sustainability goals.

Commonly Accepted Guidelines

A variety of organizations on the local, national, and international level create and maintain criteria for commissioning, and many of these confer awards or certification in recognition of high-achieving projects. The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) award is one of the most widely respected and sought after certifications—one that Salas O’Brien has helped many clients pursue and achieve.

Beyond recognized national and international standards for commissioning, there are also various important region-specific benchmarks like Title 24 in California and the Washington State Energy Code. Our commissioning agents stay on the cutting edge so they can provide the best expertise and advice for clients nationwide.

Understanding the basics of commissioning is the first step in determining whether it’s right for your project. Chances are, it is. Salas O’Brien’s expert team is here to help you learn more.