Data centerIn today’s global economy, we rely on instant communication to keep businesses running smoothly and keep families connected. Data centers, mobile switch offices (MSO) and distributed antenna systems (DAS) work silently in the background so we can stay in touch with the people who matter. And tech companies pay a fortune to keep those facilities powered.

For facilities with a 100-ton energy load—like data centers, MSOs, and DAS sites—decreasing their power usage effectiveness (PUE) by even just a percentage could equate to a savings of thousands of dollars in operating costs and a huge reduction in their carbon footprint.  

The potential difference between having a 1.5 PUE and a 1.1 PUE could save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, which would enable tech companies to invest more in what matters most––the infrastructure that keeps us connected.  

Cooling systems account for roughly 30 percent of consumed energy in a facility. Salas O’Brien offers numerous HVAC solutions to reduce a facility’s PUE, ranging from simple modifications to existing systems to designing a new installation that features state-of-the-art technology to control the climate in these critical environments. 

From the largest heat wheel to the smallest VFD, mechanical energy savings can come in every shape and size. Given the huge potential in savings in energy usage and cost as well as maintenance and repairs, these HVAC enhancements are worth careful consideration. 

We’d love to discuss how we can reduce your costs and increase your sustainability so your company can continue to provide the integral support for our world’s communication needs. 

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