DaVitaWith one in every three adults in the US at risk for chronic kidney disease, dialysis has become an unfortunately common reality. DaVita, a healthcare organization whose name means “giving life” in Italian, is the industry leader in caring for people with kidney disease. They also run an independent medical group with locations in six states and educate people about kidney health.

Since its remarkable rise in the early 2000s, DaVita has become the largest independent provider of dialysis services in the United States. The company operates more than 2,000 dialysis centers in the US and operate a growing number of locations in ten other countries.

Salas O’Brien has partnered with DaVita to provide engineering design services for over twenty new dialysis centers a year. These centers range in size from 5,000 to 8,000 square feet and house approximately ten dialysis stations, exam and lab space, training areas, nursing stations, and administrative offices.

Our goal with each new center’s design is to ensure that their infrastructure and systems reliably support the vital services they provide. With each design, we pay special consideration to making space for all the necessary employee workstations, dialysis chairs and machinery, and emergency equipment, as well as making sure their MEP and fire protection systems can handle the critical workload of a dialysis center.