Norton Switch RoomAs a nationwide planning, design, construction management, and commissioning firm, Salas O’Brien enjoys repeat project work with some of the country’s largest internet and mobile service providers. The stakes are high for these companies, and our team thrives on the challenges their business brings us.

When one of our ongoing clients approached us with a demanding critical environment renovation project in Massachusetts, our team jumped right in with the engineering, construction management, and architecture expertise to ensure the project’s success.

The client’s aim was to convert existing control and training rooms into a new, 2,000-square-foot, raised-floor switch room to support the facility’s key critical systems. To accomplish this, our engineers designed n+1 redundant MEP systems and installed a Liebert DSE Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) to provide humidity control. We also installed additional necessary environmental control equipment on the roof of the facility, supported by a 1,200-square-foot structural platform designed by Salas O’Brien.

To ensure the new switch room remains fully protected, our team also engineered FM-200 fire protection zones both above and below its raised access floor, and we modified the building’s existing pre-action sprinkler system so it would protect the new switch room along with the rest of the building.

The finished project met and exceeded our client’s goals for safety, efficiency, and reliability, and it has enabled them to continue providing quality and value to their more than 70 million customers throughout the country.