Salas O’Brien’s merger with T-Squared Professional Engineers has brought us a team experienced with military projects—yet the word “military” includes a wider variety of projects than you might think. For example, a child development center owned by the U.S. Navy received engineering and LEED consulting services and achieved Silver Certification. In another case, we provided mechanical and plumbing design and LEED consulting for the U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center. Monitoring weather or sea conditions and children require vastly different equipment and facilities, but our team proficiently accommodated both.

Air Force Base Education Center Project

VandenbergAirBase4-e1518051320273Another of Salas O’Brien’s military projects involved commissioning at Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB), the third largest air force base in the United States. Vandenberg AFB includes nearly 500 facilities that support base personnel and the base’s core functions: intercontinental ballistic missile and polar orbit satellite tests and launches.

Working alongside our design-build partner, we commissioned a new, 38,000-square-foot education center. The building includes prewired administrative space for the center and five colleges, with lecture classrooms, testing rooms, and a learning resource center. It also features distance learning classrooms with video satellite feeds, an auditorium, and computer-science and engineering laboratories.

Salas O’Brien provided commissioning for the building’s HVAC systems, including boilers, chillers, variable air volume air handlers, exhaust and supply fans, and a direct digital control (DDC) system. Our team also commissioned the lighting controls and water heater systems. The finished project achieved LEED Silver status.

Military Projects Across Markets

Because they often serve as microcosmic communities, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine facilities throughout the United States and abroad can benefit from Salas O’Brien’s experience across markets. Our team understands the different objectives in play with various facility types, and we work hard to achieve our clients’ unique goals.