At Salas O’Brien, efficiency is more than just catch phrase. It’s the goal we’re constantly pursuing and achieving in our work. With the addition of our new Varo team, we can increase efficiency in more markets that ever before—including the manufacturing industry.

In manufacturing, the efficiency and longevity of industrial equipment have a huge impact on the bottom line. Even a minor system failure can dramatically affect production quality, costs, and turnaround. Our solutions will help.

Solutions That Make a Difference

When a long-time client experienced a drop in efficiency due to an outdated material transport system, the client turned to our team to reduce production costs and ensure the system had significantly less disruption and downtime than it had been experiencing. The previous system was consistently spilling materials, wasting tangible resources and personnel time, driving up costs, and creating environmental concerns. In conjunction with replacing equipment, we designed a simpler and more effective layout along with additional controls that allowed for greater flexibility.

Recognizing our engineers as trusted experts, the same client approached us to partner on multiple projects that would provide fully automated chemical and utility piping systems for raw material storage, mixing, and application. By fully automating the systems, the risks of material contamination or loss would be reduced, and the overall efficiency of production would increase—translating to better quality, cost, and delivery of the product.

Throughout the life of each project, we provided multidisciplinary engineering services, as well as remote and on-site support during construction and commissioning.

A Partner You Can Trust

When it’s time to design, upgrade, or expand a manufacturing facility, owners need a partner they can trust. Salas O’Brien has a track record of excellent, needs-focused client relationships, and with the backing of the industrial manufacturing engineering experts on our Varo team, we’re excited to help both existing and new clients increase capacity, reduce costs, and ensure quality. Let us know how we can help you meet your goals.