Salas O’Brien would be nothing without its amazing team members, the relationships they keep with clients and each other, and the quality of the work they perform. Each year, we take an opportunity to honor exceptional team members for both their accomplishments and their commitment to our values of Leadership, Results, and Relationships.

“The team members honored for promotion this year have proven themselves to be critical to our success,” said Darin Anderson, CEO. “Whether they deliver excellence for clients, mentor younger team members, or serve behind the scenes, we want all of them to have a prominent place in the future of our firm and the amazing growth that is ahead.”

Below are the team members being elevated to Principal in 2017.

  • San Jose Convention CenterSean Holder (Houston) began with Salas O’Brien in 2003 and has led the Houston mechanical department since 2011. Sean is a key leader in the K-12 industry.
  • Ken Noack (Houston) is a 30-year industry veteran who has been with the firm for three years. He has dramatically grown Salas O’Brien’s portfolio with his extensive experience in the K-12 and critical infrastructure markets.
  • Alan Penn (Houston) has been with Salas O’Brien for 24 years and has been director of construction services in Houston for most of this time. He is seen as an expert city wide on construction management best practices.

Other 2017 promotions include:

  • Senior Vice President: John Floren, Israel Moreno, Brenda Ross, Dan Stephens
  • Vice President: Scott Coward, Stuart Everett, Jim Paulino, Mike Prusty, Tamara Shroll, Nancy Wilcox
  • Associate Vice President: Eric Anest, Shannon Menks, Kim Myran, Jesse Naughton, Trish O’Brien, Eric Ramsing, Angela Steiner, Tom Ward

Please help us celebrate these outstanding leaders for their contributions to Salas O’Brien!