Bulk Material HandlingAt Salas O’Brien, whether we’re tackling a demanding project or using the latest technology to deliver excellent design solutions, we’re always growing. Our merger with Varo enables us to provide services in new markets, and as a joint team, we’re excited to see more clients in more industries and locations than ever experiencing the Salas O’Brien difference.

Thanks to Varo, one of the new services Salas O’Brien offers is the engineering of bulk material handling systems.

Bulk Material Handling: The Scoop

Bulk material handling is an integral component of nearly all manufacturing and handling processes across a variety of industries, from chemicals and agriculture to mining, ports, and terminals. It requires complex mechanical equipment and environments that are engineered to safely store, process, or convey materials like coal, grain, fertilizer, cement, and limestone. The characteristics of these bulk materials have a huge impact on the engineering needs for each project.

Whether a company is mining a raw material, blending it with other materials, conveying it across the country or all the above, our engineers are qualified to ensure the process is safe, compliant, and efficient. Salas O’Brien’s experience in critical environments gives us a good foundation to build on, and with the advantage of Varo’s thorough expertise in the field, we’re prepared to excel alongside them.

Clients We Serve

Our merger with Varo means that we can now provide bulk material handling services in new parts of the country to clients we could not previously serve. For example, the Port of South Louisiana, which stretches 54 miles along the Mississippi River and is the largest tonnage port district in the western hemisphere, is near our Baton Rouge and New Orleans offices. Many other offices are similarly placed near strategic ports, including Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, and Georgia.

The combined forces of Salas O’Brien and Varo’s teams will provide flexible, innovative engineering solutions that empower storage, processing, and transportation for bulk materials, as well as expansion, upgrades, and modifications to equipment and environments that service them. Varo has completed projects for both greenfield and brownfield facilities, and some of their specialties include site logistics, dust control and mitigation, and short-distance transport of complex materials using bins and silos, chute work, and conveyor belts.

Why It Matters

Whether they’re producing energy or fuel, disposing of waste, or transporting essential raw materials, the industries served by bulk material handling are integral to the community. We are excited to promote efficiency, sustainability, and safety among these industries. With our combined team, we know that we can make a difference.

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