Hidden Features Future-Proof an Old Workhorse at UConn’s Gant Science Complex

You would be forgiven for thinking that the University of Connecticut’s Gant Science Complex is a brand-new STEM building. For those in the know, however, the building, which has housed UConn’s science programs since the early 1970s, has undergone a remarkable transformation. What was a tired brick-clad workhorse will soon be a vibrant center for […]

Salas O’Brien Wraps Up Inaugural High School Internship Program

Nine students from Tustin Unified School District gained hands-on experience and in-depth insight into architectural and engineering careers at Salas O’Brien during our inaugural high school internship program. “It’s so important that we invest in preparing and developing the next generation of engineers and technical professionals,” Salas O’Brien CEO and Chairman Darin Anderson said. “I […]

Girard Engineering Joins Salas O’Brien

Salas O’Brien announced today that Girard Engineering has joined the company, further strengthening Salas O’Brien’s presence in the Washington, DC, region and creating a combined firm of 51 offices, more than 1,300 team members, and 330 registered professionals.

SIA Solutions Joins Salas O’Brien

Salas O’Brien announced today that SIA Solutions has joined the company, adding a nationwide team focused on federal projects to Salas O’Brien and creating a combined firm of 50 offices, more than 1,250 team members, and 320 registered professionals.

Salas O’Brien to Acquire PCI Skanska

Salas O’Brien announced today that it has agreed to acquire PCI Skanska from Skanska USA, adding an engineering team focused on power and industrial projects and creating a combined firm of 44 offices, 1,200 team members, and more than 300 registered professionals.

BVH Integrated Services Joins Salas O’Brien

Salas O’Brien announced today that BVH Integrated Services has joined the company, expanding our presence in New England and creating a combined firm of 43 offices, more than 1,100 team members, and 290 registered professionals.

The Leffler Group Joins Salas O’Brien

Salas O’Brien announced that the Leffler Group has joined the company, adding a Denver-based structural engineering team and creating a combined firm of 41 offices with more than 1,000 team members and 260 registered professionals. The Leffler team represents the latest in a series of structural-focused mergers for Salas O’Brien. As the next step in […]

Gary Petrak Joins Southern California Leadership Team

Salas O’Brien is pleased to announce the addition of Gary Petrak to the firm’s leadership team in Southern California. Petrak comes to Salas O’Brien from GLP Engineering in Santa Ana, a firm he led for over 25 years serving the commercial, educational, hospitality, restaurant, and retail markets. “Gary is a proven and trusted leader in […]

Building Readiness: Reopening Educational Institutions

We have heard from many educational administrators who are committed to reopening but are uncertain about the best, most cost-effective path to welcoming staff and students back safely. Salas O’Brien can help. Several best practices for mitigating disease transmission have been issued by the scientific community, but those recommendations haven’t been universally adopted by or […]

Madison Municipal Building Video Profile

We’re excited to announce that our Madison Municipal Building project in Wisconsin earned a regional 2021 ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award. Our designs brought modern MEP systems that perform 50% more efficiently than code baseline to this historic building, helping the project achieve LEED platinum and Energy Star status.

Salas O’Brien Reaffirms Commitment to Downtown LA

While many companies are fading from the Downtown Los Angeles landscape, Salas O’Brien has strengthened our roots there and reaffirmed our commitment to provide local support to our projects and clients in the area by establishing a physical presence closer to the heartbeat of the city.

2020 Annual Impact

We designed more than 5,400 projects for over 1,600 clients, representing almost $5 billion in construction costs. Our designs also saved more than 70 million pounds of greenhouse gases and will every year in perpetuity.

Tips on Shaping Your Career Path and Getting the Job You Want

By Darin Anderson, CEO My goal for Salas O’Brien has always been that everyone would want to work here, even if we can’t practically offer every single person a position. We want to be the kind of place where opportunity abounds for everyone. But that raises a question: what kind of a company should you […]

Announcing Key Executive Recognitions at Salas O’Brien

Each member of our talented team exemplifies our Ownership Values every day as they live out the Salas O’Brien Difference and display leadership, achieve results, and grow relationships. A few leaders have displayed exceptional commitment and effectiveness, and every year we recognize these outstanding team members for their accomplishments. Each person below was nominated by […]

Dunlap & Partners Engineers Joins Salas O’Brien

Salas O’Brien announced today that Richmond-based Dunlap & Partners Engineers has joined the company, further adding to Salas O’Brien’s technical expertise and creating an combined firm of 39 offices with more than 1,000 team members and 260 registered professionals. The Dunlap team adds significant expertise in markets including institutional, healthcare, and corporate, and when combined […]

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