Why Choose Salas O'Brien

For more than 40 years, Salas O’Brien has been at the forefront of designing buildings that are healthy, sustainable, and cost-efficient. We have vast experience with numerous healthcare facilities and a track record of implementing scientifically recommended measures including infection control.

We’re currently helping federal agencies and private sector companies adapt to meet the healthcare challenges caused by COVID-19 by applying accepted mitigation strategies for reducing the transmission of airborne and waterborne pathogens. We are ready to step in and help you meet whatever challenges you face.

Our design and solution specialists are “local everywhere,” with 1,000 professionals across 39 offices throughout North America. Even in a period of continued restricted travel, we can quickly achieve a coordinated response to any need and can be on-site quickly in every corner of the United States.

How we can help

Mitigate Potential Transmission

Implementing building entry control and reducing the need for physical touch are integral to lowering the risk of transmitting diseases. Some options include:

  • Entry and package-handling protocols
  • Voice-controlled elevators, kiosks, and A/V equipment
  • Thermal scanners
  • Touchless thermostats, doors, faucets, fountains, dispensers, and lighting
  • Cell-phone-operated A/V equipment

Improve Indoor Air Quality

We quickly assess and identify modifications to a building’s air system that will improve indoor air quality. Humidification may mitigate airborne transmission, improve immunity, and increase the body’s ability to fight off infection. Improved air filtration and air sanitizing systems, like UV-C light, can also mitigate the presence of airborne pathogens. Designs can also adjust airflow patterns to increase the flow of fresh, outdoor air.

Enhance Facility Cleanliness

We provide technical solutions to make it easier to clean and disinfect your space. We review your hygienic cleaning plan to identify areas of improvement and, if needed, provide supplemental sterilization services. We can also modify existing systems. Increasing faucet temperatures and setting faucet timers for 20 seconds encourage proper handwashing. Adding antibacterial and antiviral and/or UV-A/B/C lighting fixtures assist in disinfecting spaces. We also apply nanotechnology in high-touch areas to reduce cleaning.

What We Do

As mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology engineers, we have long focused on enhancing the health and environments of the buildings we design. We work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders to form teams with the right knowledge and experience to identify, develop, and implement effective, reasonable, and appropriate systems and processes that mitigate potential transmission, improve air quality, and enhance facility cleanliness, all of which can mitigate the risk of transmission. Read more for an in-depth look.

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Schedule a Low Cost Assessment Today

Contact us for an immediate assessment of your facility, where our team will listen to your specific needs, review your current plans, and identify opportunities to improve the health of your building. From there, we will provide reasonable and appropriate recommendations with cost estimates. If you decide to hire us to complete our recommendations, the low-cost assessment fee would be applied to the total design fee. Our team will work collaboratively to implement the plan so your organization can get back to its routine as safely as possible.

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