We understand that your building is a significant investment, and our Building Science team can partner with you to assess physical conditions, propose updates to the building envelope system, oversee restoration efforts, and implement energy-efficient, sustainable solutions. We can also help with special projects that would only require small modifications to existing structures such as new stairs, opening in the walls or slabs, core review, load checks for any new mechanical and office equipment, canopies, and more.

Our services include:

  • Building envelope consulting for new and existing structures
  • Restoration and rehabilitation services
  • Physical condition assessments
  • Reserve fund studies
  • Performance audits
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Special projects

Our Building Science team serves all of North America, and our industry-leading knowledge of concepts, systems, and components allows us to provide clients with cost-effective, innovative, and durable design solutions for any stage of a building’s life.

Building Science


Our objective is to bring innovative, energy-efficient solutions that save in energy costs and reduce negative environmental impact.

We have many LEED-accredited specialists on our team with wide-ranging experience. Our team can help with LEED project management and certification, LEED durable building envelope design and review, commissioning, Toronto Green Standard certification, Green Globes certification, and Living Building Challenge standards.

Building Envelope

We deliver high-quality engineering solutions to address failures in a building envelope that lead to inefficiency. Also known as the building enclosure, the building envelope plays a vital role in any comfortable and safe building. A correctly functioning building envelope ensures maximum comfort, energy efficiency, and asset life expectancy.


Our restoration experts specialize in the durability of construction materials in bridges, parking garages, and all types of buildings and structures. We’re able to assess damages and deterioration through investigation, sampling, and non-destructive testing and develop appropriate and reasonable solutions to extend the life of your building or structure.

Physical Condition Assessment

Our assessments reduce the uncertainty regarding a potential component or system failure within your building or structure. They provide a way to track the condition of the building, understand where its at in its life cycle, and provide a plan for capital expenditures over the evaluation period. When completed as part of the due diligence process, they also provide a baseline condition of the property.

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