Case Study

Fortune 15 Telecommunications Company

Network Equipment Center

The telecommunications company in this project—a national Fortune 15 company—is committed to providing performance excellence to their customers. Essential to this commitment are network equipment centers (NEC) which house an organization’s centralized IT operations and equipment: systems vital to the continuity of daily operation. As some of the most energy-consuming facilities in the world, NECs require design which optimizes space and environmental control to keep equipment within critical temperature/humidity range.

Salas O’Brien played a big role in keeping this particular NEC in Colorado Springs running smoothly. The team provided architectural and engineering design as well as construction administration services for the reclamation of 5,000 square feet of NEC raised floor space, 3,000 square feet of non-raised floor space, and infrastructure support spaces in an existing facility. The project also included the development of a master plan for reclaiming 18,000 square feet of raised floor space and infrastructure support spaces.

Throughout this project, Salas O’Brien supplied electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural, civil, fire alarm and monitoring, fire suppression, and architectural design services. Thanks to our team’s input and oversight, the Colorado Springs NEC is equipped to consistently and sustainably deliver data and applications to the company’s millions of users and to fulfill the company’s commitment to performance excellence.



Colorado Springs, Colorado

Construction Cost:
$28 Million

Project Size:
18,000 Square Feet

Engineering and Design Services