Case Study

Fortune 50 Software Company

Cafeteria Casework Redesign

When they’re not harnessing qubits for quantum computing or developing cloud platforms that conserve Earth’s water, the brightest minds of this multibillion dollar corporation can be found socializing in this cafeteria redesigned by Salas O’Brien.

The challenge involved reinventing a space that could handle the serious foot traffic (45,000 regional employees) and the even more serious appetites (984,000 orders of French fries and 8 million soft drinks consumed per year) of a growing campus. Having successfully completed over 1,000 interior design projects of more for this enterprise though, our architects knew what was needed.

The result included replacing the existing casework configuration, repairing flooring in the espresso as well as servery areas, and adding a fresh color palette to complement adjacent spaces.

Now the brainiacs should have no trouble getting their brain food.


Redmond, Washington

Construction Cost:
$ 1,500,000

Project Size:
10,000 Square Feet

Interior Design


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