Case Study

Fortune 50 Software Company

Building Refresh

We can’t take credit for the five A.M. Turing awards this conglomerate has won for major contributions to computing or their mobile app reaching 340 million downloads. But we can take credit for providing them with the settings and spaces they needed to accomplish this significant and popular work.

Salas O’Brien refreshed what was a neutral, 4-story corporate office by renovating each floor’s kitchenette and restroom, adding finishes, ADA upgrades, and a specialty food venue—complete with espresso—in the cafeteria, and introducing a fresh paint palette to general office areas and lobbies on all levels.

Thanks to the remodel, employees now only have to take their laptops as far as the next room to see new splashes of color, enter a new milieu, or gain new inspiration for a project.

No, we may not be responsible for any groundbreaking discoveries, but we may be responsible for motivating those making the groundbreaking discoveries.   


Redmond, Washington

Construction Cost:
$ 750,000

Project Size:
313,790 Square Feet

Interior Design


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