Case Study

Fortune 50 Software Company

Fuse Labs

Their software runs in 192 countries across the world; their operating system powers more than 400 million devices; their innovative office suite connects more than 1.2 billion people—and when this tech behemoth wished to build new office labs that would inspire collaborative work, they came to Salas O’Brien.

Using tack boards, glass marker boards, and even chalkboard painted walls, Salas O’Brien’s designers created many opportunities for employees to have impromptu meetings and discussions throughout the space without sacrificing any natural light or outdoor views in the process.

The finished 5,400-square-foot area is dynamic, colorful, and open in a way that fosters likeminded ideas.


Redmond, Washington

Construction Cost:
$ 600,000

Project Size:
5,400 Square Feet

Interior Design


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