Case Study

Fortune 50 Software Company

1st Floor Modifications

If you want to translate 9 different languages in real-time voice calls, offer nearly 670 thousand apps to customers, or rescue 10 million computers from malware, you need accommodations that decrease clutter, encourage teamwork, and breed productivity. That’s where Salas O’Brien comes in.

Responsible for renovations to this software juggernaut’s headquarters, our team looked for ways to improve functionality and circulation throughout the first floor wing.

Doing so meant reconfiguring several perimeter   offices for the addition of a communal space   that yielded natural light and views of the outdoor landscaping. New sliding glass doors and glass walls helped accentuate this open atmosphere while a rearrangement of furniture literally freed up room and centralized pathways.

Finally, kitchens were redesigned in a manner that ensured shared counters and seating would spur shared conversation and insight.

With these advancements, there’s nothing stopping this company from generating another thousand apps, rescuing a million more computers, or achieving infinite breakthroughs.


Redmond, Washington

Construction Cost:

Project Size:
3,800 Square Feet

Interior Design


  • Creating a New Open Space
  • Improve Traffic Flow
  • Create Opportunities for Impromptu Meetings


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